How to proceed from here?

I am getting tired of seeing people in relationships, talking about their girlfriend and how great it is and all that. I am especially tired of hearing about their problems. The reason being is because I have gone through 26 years of life and have never experienced much in terms of relationships, sex and other good things that come with a healthy relationship between a young man like myself and a very nice young lady. The main problem is I am shy, but I do have my moments where I do get dates and ask girls out, but after talking to them for a while (which lands me in the friend zone all the time). So there is this particular girl that I am friends with, whom I decided to ask out. At first I assumed she thought I was joking, because I did it through text (we never call each other). So to show her I was serious the next time I saw her and asked her in person. She was giving me a whole lot of excuses saying she is busy so and so day and doing something else another day. So I just gave her an alternative day that was after her "busy" time. She said she didn't know, I still talk to her via text. The thing is I don't want to give up to easily and say hey I should have kept trying (this always happens to me where the girl will give me a bunch of excuses, or if we do go out after a couple dates nothing happens since I don't really make any moves such as breaking the touch barrier or kissing). At the same time it comes down to man what do I have to do to show her that I am interested for real and want to see where this girls at least between me and her. Just need some advice on where to go from here.


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  • Shy guys are the opposite of confident. Shy is an excuse for you not to be able to take a girl by her hand, look at her in the eyes, and tell her she looks great today and that you want to take her bowling or whatever you guys like doing.

    I'm a pickup artist. I'll tell you right now that friend zoning occurs because you do not show the traits of a confident man. Women need some sort of idea that they will be protected and this comes from confidence. Women also want a guy that is interesting, can hold a conversation, and is able to play their role as a man. If you find yourself apologizing to women all the time, you are not confident. Find your own identity, develop thoughts, pick up some exciting activities and make new friends. These are ways to boost confidence. Don't treat girls like they are better than you are deserve more than you. In relationships and dating, you should both be at an equal level. If one is allowed to walk all over another, they will start looking elsewhere for a better challenge.

    Be a man. You are 26, don't be a girl's best friend, be desirable, interesting, sexy, confident, and live your life like everyone wants to be you. If you can see this in yourself, women will do the same.

  • Take everything that you are doing... and just do the opposite.