How do you pick between two guys?

I love to guys but I no there always one that you want to be with more but I can't understand how you find that out like what do I have to do to no which one I love more because I don't want to make a mistake and then regret it later on because I pick the wrong guy and owns you not being able to be with the guy I truly love?


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  • You're a are free to change your mind about a guy every 5 minutes. The guy gets a say so in the matter as well. He might decide he made the wrong choice with you. This reminds me of picking a horse to win a race, and you just aren't sure which horse to choose because you don't want to make a mistake..and lose money which you will regret later on. If you pick the wrong horse you won't be able to collect any winnings. My point is...don't pick a horse before you've seen hm run. If you are confused...on which guy is the right guy...then you don't need to choose either guy just yet.

    • I no I don't have to make a desision right away but I just hate not knowing who I want and I need to no so this can all end and I can finally be happy with the one I really want but I don't no who yet :(

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  • 1. If Ur in love with two guys then Ur not really in love(more like lust) but if you want to test it dump both for a week,(don't call,text,or have any comm.)see who crosses Ur mind more,who you truly miss when Ur apart. After that you will know


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  • Johnny Depp- “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”

    • But the thing is its complicated because the first guy is long distance web been on and off for 2 years and wile we were off I still missed him but I dated someone else because I wasn't sure if he was coming back so I also feel in love with the second guy too then the first guy came back and the second guy broke up with me I continued talking to the first guy then the second guy can back after 8 months at the time he came back the first guy and I were at the time in an open LDR so I started going out

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    • I think you need to find yourself first, find out what you actually want from life, then move on to finding out what you want from another person in life.

    • That's what I think I'm going to do I think I need to let both of them go right now stay friends with them find myself and then I think I'll no what I really want I'm just scared that one of them will leave and the onwe that leaves was the one for me you no?