Talk a lot in person but not so much over text?

This guy will go out of his way to talk to me when he sees me or if I so much as give him a smile even when I know he is busy. We can talk for hours but because we work together we do get constantly interrupted so it's hard to have a proper conversation. The thing is we don't text each other but when we do it can go on for a while and it gets really flirty as well, so what's going on?


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  • Maybe he doesn't like texting. Maybe he doesn't have the time to text. Both are possibilities. Look if you like him, just get out with it, or at least ask him "Hey how come we don't text more often?" or something like that. You don't need to be asking us, you don't need to seek too much deeper meaning, and if you really like him so much, then why not just speed things along? This doesn't need to be so complicated.

    • So then why did you answer if it's a waste of your time? It is an advice forum...

    • I just gave you my advice. And I'm not saying that this question is a waste of my time. I'm just saying that this is really the kind of problem that you could much more easily fix yourself.

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