How do I break the habit of assuming it's always me?

like when someone doesn't message or text you back...i always assume that they're mad at me or find me annoying or something like that I never think "maybe they're busy at work.." or "maybe they're studying" I just always assume its do I stop this?


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  • I did this too and sometimes I still do. It is something you cannot really change. I hate it when people don't text me back. The best you can do is to just ignore those feelings and thoughts. If I text someone, I just go on with what I am doing and I don't think abut it. if you keep thinking about it, you will beat yourself up about it with thoughts like: "I must have said something wrong" or "they must hate", while they were just busy with something or they didn't have their phone with them.

    I hope it helps ;)


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  • The only way to break this is to catch yourself in the act while you are thinking those things.

    When those thoughts run through your mind pull out your journal and record every time you feel that way.

    That way you can keep track of how often you do it and work on it.