Is he testing me to see my reaction?

Im dating a guy with who we both have great chemistry and easy conversation. On our second date we were both lost in conversation & before we knew it we noticed we were the last ones in the restaurant. After the date he still wanted to talk to me on phone. A couple of days later we were on the phone for 3 hrs. He texted me the morning after and still texts to check up on me but the conversations are shorter. He knows I'm busy with school & work,could that be why ? Is he giving me space, or testing me to see how I react?Is he trying to see If I start texting him instead or act needy and ask him why I'm hearing less from him, when I still hear from him?


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  • In my experience, conversations will get shorter the longer you guys just chat, I mean there is no possible way to just recycle conversation upon conversation. Wishing good mornings and such gets stale if over used as well. Maybe he wants you to initiate conversation, or maybe he just ran out of good conversation starters and would obviously feel like a dumbass to just text "hey" or call you for an inevitable awkward silence. Believe it or not I'm at that stage right now with a girl I'm dating.

    The remedy?

    Keep chatting to a minimum and do it instead when you guys go out on a date, and keep an open mind about places to go. Not every date has to be a movie & dinner, that gets boring faster than watching paint dry. Now I'm not saying that's your case and I know you two are busy with work/school, but think of something new and exciting you two can do together. This creates good conversation and will have you two sharing good memories together that you can talk about.

    So maybe next time you two chat you can talk about cool things you can do together, and plan out a day.

    Good luck ;)

  • He may be giving you some breathing space for work and school. Personally if I were talking with a girl a lot, I would wait for her to initiate a few times because I might worry I may seen too into her. It could also be that the initial.excitement of meeting someone new is wearing off a little. Not really a bad thing, just natural flow. Send him a hello text with a smiley.


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