Because I'm on the ledge

Do you ever have that moment...where you and someone you love are at that moment where you both are trying to figure out what it is that you want in the relationship or if they actually truly love you and want to be with you...and they always end up in the end maybe in some tension saying...if you want to be with mi then just be with me if you don't then leave...out of pressure...would you stay? or would you go? if that's honestly what you wanted.

You battle with certain emotions in your life and to stay or go can be easy or hard and can you deal with people forcing you into making a choice even know its because they are tired of the games and the guessing and just want that final answer.

Hate that expression...lets see where it goes...i prefer the intentions of one outright but maybe that is taking the "fun" or the "mystery" people have a lot more chances of getting their heart broken than finding love. why waste time if you know what you want and you just drag someone along for the ride...


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  • I think that most of the time is women who doubt to be loved simply because men once they feel comfortable they don't show to much attention, I think that you need to learn about your men in order to understand and know yourself if he loves you or not, instead of question your love all the time.