How do I know if he's into me?

I just want some fews from people before I jump in to deep and ruin what I have.

iv been talking to a guy solidly for over a week.. we talk day in day out.. but I text him first now a lot more than in the past. he says things like I'm nice and a great person and stuff like that and in the past has said he could talk to me day and night. We have had encounters and he's stayed at my flat once and iv stayed at his parents once.

Hes such a nice guy but I just want to know is he really into me and should I say something (hes one of them nice guys..) or do I jus keep it cool and jus see what happens/not say anything and jus keep it as it is?


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  • You should tell him something or at least let him know you have feelings for him. I think he likes you too, since you have been talking to each other a lot lately.

    Did he ever tell you that you look pretty or that he likes your dress or something like that? If he did, than I am pretty sure he likes you. If he didn't, there is still a pretty big chance. You can try to tell him ver subtlely, like: I REALLY like you, you know (and look deeply into his eyes). If he gets really shy or if he replies: I like you VERY much too! Then it is very likely that he is into you. If he isn't impressed or if he shrugs it off/ignores it, it is less likely that he likes you.

    It is hard to tell if someone likes you without asking them directly. If you want certainty, you can just go for it and say that you really like him, MORE than just friends. The downside is, is that thing can get awkward if he doesn't like you back.


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