Did I do the right thing?

I started to ignore a guy I liked simply because I got tired of this other girl flirting dirtily with him in my face. At first, he couldn't help but get my attention. She kept trying desperately to keep his attention by saying dirty stuff which normally works yet he was distracted as to how quiet I was. He kept looking at me and then finally said hello, asked me about myself, tried to get me to smile. He'd still give her attention but would keep turning to me. Funny how I was silent, did nothing but just allow them to flirt and SHE was going nuts trying to keep the attention. For months, I use to approach him, try talking to him, always had to keep the conversation going and he was always so fickle. Some days good, some days bad. I finally stopped trying. For some reason, to my surprise he seemed intrigued, nervous, curious about my change! I've done this 4 times now and it's worked every time.

Dont get me wrong, I do talk to him a little bit when he tries but still distancing myself. Recently, he now mopes and pretends like I'm not there. I ignore him back. He had a friend there with him the other night and he seemed fine but the second the guy left, he was quiet and mopy. The other girl on the other hand STILL tried to be dirty with him and this time he didn't even play along. He was just quiet, sad. He's too shy to say anything to me. I just got really fed up, you know? I was tired of feeling strung along. So my question is, am I doing the right thing? I like him but I also don't want him to believe that I'm going to be a doormat or tolerate being on the back burner. Should I stay away for a week or two? She's pretty skanky so it's my way of saying "you want THAT, then take it. I won't be here."


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  • I Say Your Doing The Right Thing, By Showing Him Your Not Like The Rest.. & If He Can't See That Then Move On.. & You Also Don't Want To compete With Someone you like just for him to like you back...

    • I know right? It was so hard to deal with. They hang out yet we never have. The weird thing is that he loves to tease me and even has a cute nickname for me. She had openly complained that he has never called her one. So do you think it's a good sign that he's mopy?

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    • Yes, It is... You Don't Need His Attention Because He Wants You! Heands Down...! Keep It Up!(:

    • Lol at one point he even gave up trying to look at me sneakily and just full on looked at me, confused. You see, these other guys approached and then he wS all eyes! Yet I get myself so worked up and nervous wanting to break down and be nice again but I have to make sure he knows I'm tired of the runaround! I always give in!

  • yup you are!

    • The only problem is that he's too shy and insecure to reach out to me. I've done something similar to this before and he didn't. Should I stay away for a few weeks to let it sink in?