Scared of love and f**k up

Hello everyone, I was hoping if anyone could give me some advice on this. this is going to be a wall of texts, so hope someone will take the time to read this.

Well it all started at a birthday party, me and my friend were outside drinking a beer and smoking a smoke. while we are standing outside this beautiful girl arrives to the party, I just smile a her and say "hi" (in my mind thinking "dream on dude") we go inside and I meet her again in the hall, we talk for around 5 min and that´s it.

The next morning she sends me a friend request and we start chatting a lot on Facebook. the next weekend I meet her again at a club. we start talking and were having a blast. she told me about herself and everything she said was like my dream girl. I followed her home that night and she asks me if I wanna come inside. we talked and before I know it we had sex. this happens 3 weekends in a row. one night I get a really long message from her, she tells me that she really like me, and she can see a future with me. I get scared out of my mind. this was going to fast, I dident feel like she knows me well enough to say these thing (i´m a person that keeps everything to myself) like I said I get scared out of my mind and told her that I don´t want a girlfriend. after that I don´t hear anything from her for around 2 weeks, and in this time while I haven´t heart anything from her, I been thinking a lot. how could I be so stupid to let this girl go? you can´t be scared all the time! man up! you need to take some chances! I took my phone and sent her a text massage and asked her if I could talk to her again. she reply´s and said that she going out on a club tonight, and asked also if I'm going. I reply and say yes. and ask her if we maybe can meet up? she tells me yes. well later that night she sends my a text and asked me where I was. I told her I was at a club. she reply´s and tells me she be there in a few minutes. I go inside the club and find us a table where we can sit and talk. 5 min pass and there she is, more beautiful than ever. well we sit down a start to talk. I tell her i´m really sorry about the way I have acted and I want to make up for the mistakes I have done. she tells me "sorry it´s the past and forgotten" I tell her I understand and leave the club.

I know my actions were stupid, and i´m a douchebag and deserve this. and I agree, I was a douchebag :/

But I can´t get this girl out of my head now. I really want another chance to set things right.

is she playing hard to get? why go through all the trouble to meet me at a club, if she doesn't want anything to do with me? and all those feelings she told me she had for me, that she loved me, can those just vanish over night? I don´t understand it, does she really mean it that "it is forgotten"? please help me, what can I do?


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  • All I can say is she went out on a limb, slept with you, found you to be an awesome guy and you shut her down. That's a tough bullet to bite.

    Afterall, all she really said was she'd like to try her hand at a relationship with you, "going too fast" would be her asking you to meet her folks or talks about marriage and babies.

    However, there's no use in kicking you while you're down- but truth be told I think you just need to count your losses and move on. At least right now there is squat you can do about it.

    If you do however want to try your hand at this again, give it like two weeks and try talking to her again. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't go your way.