What does the texting mean?

we've been texting for almost 6 months and, within this time, we've also been intimate - beginning to feel as if I'm just being used?


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  • I don't really understand your question. Does he not want to talk to you except through texting?

    • sorry new to this, feel a bit daft ha ha but we've been on the phone like a few times, met up a fews times and talk when we see each other out, but that's all

    • So you haven't been out on any actual dates or been properly romanced, and that is making you feel like he doesn't really love you? If that is the case, then the answer is pretty clear. You need to communicate your needs to your partner and let him know that you would like to have a chance to connect on a deeper level. He may just be really bad at romance, or he may be using you. You won't know until you talk to him. Make sure you don't make it sound like you are accusing him of anything.

    • Yeah, he said to me a few month ago 'ill have to take you on a date' and it never got mentioned again, I'm worried he simply keeps dropping things I want to hear now and again to keep me happy but somehow has lulled me into being a friends with benefits without even knowing it. I'm sure he knows how I feel, but I guess you are right ill just need to talk to him. thankyou so much x

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