Ask her to be by my date, not just casual?

I've been seeing this girl at my college for the past 2 months and this school year is about to end. We've been casually dating this whole time and I want to make it more concrete or actual dating. This summer I'm going to be abroad for about a month and then summer school back at the college. She lives a few hours away and is staying at home for the summer. I know I wouldn't be able to see her much with summer school and working weekends by driving to see her and if she would want me to see her. I feel like asking her to be my girlfriend is too big of a step right now. there's about one time left that we can hang out before school ends and I want to make it special and ask her about formally dating? Any good ideas on how to do this?



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  • Just ask her to be your girlfriend, tell her you care about her A LOT, and hold her hand and say it... take her to her favorite place to eat or a movie she's been wanting to see.. if any bands are coming out that she'll like take her to that concert and than break the big question lol "will you be my girlfriend" :) invite her to hang out at your place, make a good meal or you guys can watch a movie

    i don't know buy her a cute little teddy bear lol an say would you like to be my girlfriend lol dunno


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