What does she means?

I asked a girl out for a (second) date next Tuesday and she said can, lets plan together on Monday. Does it means she agree, not agree or cannot decide?


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  • It means you'll be hearing a whopper of an excuse on Monday for why she can't go out with you. Look at it this way: If you really liked a girl and she asked you out, would you jeopardize your chances with her by telling her you would have to get back to her in a few days? Of course not! The same logic applies to this girl; she's trying to let you off easy, but she hasn't quite learned how to say "no" yet. Save your time and energy for a girl who says "yes" immediately when you ask her out. (Yes, they do exist!)

    • Precisely. But it is different between girl asking guy out and guy asking girl out. Girls seems to put more thought when guys ask them out, so maybe she wants to think about it longer before deciding.

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    • Definitely will not let it get me down. This is only my third rejection in my life and I am sad. But I had learnt so many valuable lesson from this. beside I see the red light coming, only that I choose to give it another go. how many rejection did you have before?

    • LOL... I lost count years ago. It comes with the territory... Not a big deal at all.

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  • if she is not agree then why she wouldn't say she can't do it or just busy?

    • But if she agree then why drag the planning to the day before? It is so last minute.

    • i don't think its last minute - just maybe she would want to talk to you a night before the date so discuss about where to go, where to have dinner or which movies should we watch etc - I think its absolutely normal

    • Thanks for your answer! Maybe it is just me overacting.

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  • Seems she agrees, and that she wants to use Monday to plan what you'll do on your date.

    It could also mean that she can't/isn't sure that she can do Tuesday, and wants to talk about it Monday when she has a better idea of what her schedule will be. I think this is less likely, but you'll find out Monday.

    • This is good. I am thinking she may use this as a way to 'reject' me indirectly.