Guys: Please explain why these guys are doing this?

The end of high school is near. I'm going to prom with a really nice guy. We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but we've had some classes together. These two guys who I've barely ever spoken to- (except for saying hi in passing) They are going around saying that my prom date is a jerk and "can't I go with someone else?" They have been telling a bunch of my friends this. Now my prom date is cute, an athlete, and he is nice to me. Guys, why are these guys bad mouthing him when they aren't even friends with me?


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  • Simple, they're a** holes.

    • Yes, but what does that have to do with me? Why do they care who I go to prom with?

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    • 1. Yes, they think he is full of himself.

      2. No, if they liked me wouldn't they speak to me?

      3. I don't think so...they are never mean.

    • Then number one it is :]

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  • They are probably jealous that you have a cute guy to go porm with. Guys don't normally tell girl another guy is a jerk. Beside it is none of their business who you are going with.

    • Why would they be jealous if I have a cute guy? it's not like they want to date him...

    • maybe they are immature. It is just too unusual for a guy to say another guy is a jerk.

  • they sound like jealous cockblockers

  • they're probably jealous


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