Did I ruin it by sleeping with him?

Ok so I work with this guy, at first I didn't think much of him, we exchanged numbers one night after work because he followed me home because I was drunk and scared to get pulled over.

Anyways, he texted me when he got home that night, and the next day, I ignored his text the next day and never wrote back. He texted me again the day after, still I ignored it. Not because I was being a bitch, but I really wasn't interested in him.

So we didn't work together again for 2 weeks, and he texted me the day of that we were scheduled to work to remind me to dress up for work. I replied and said I'd see him at work. So I got completely sh*t faced at work that night, I'm talking black out drunk, he left work and texted me and said I could come over if I wanted to, I texted him and told him to come back up and hang out for a bit, he did.

Anyways we chilled for a bit at work and then we left, and we ended up back at his house, apparently we had sex, but I was so drunk I have no idea what I even did, if I acted weird or did something crazy...I ended up sleeping there til the morning and he drove me back to my car and I went home.

So that was Sunday night and it got to be Wednesday and he didn't text me, so I texted him and thanked him for not letting me drive home, he instantly replied and called me dollface and said it was "no problem" we shooted the sh*t for a minute and I ended the convo first with him being the last person that replied.

I haven't heard from him since and that was yesterday, so my question is, did I ruin a possible relationship by sleeping with him? Is he not interested in me anymore?

I mean we never talked everyday, so maybe I'm just being paranoid because we had sex...Can anyone give me any advice on what to do now, because I really like him, and I don't want him to think otherwise.


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  • I don't believe you ruined your chances at being with him, just because you slept with him. If he liked you before, then he will still like you now. If he didn't want anything from you except sex, then your sleeping with him wouldn't effect the chances of getting into a relationship anyway. I thought you weren't interested in him, and only slept with him because you were drunk. When did you realize that you liked him?

    Anyway I think you might have been giving him some mixed signals, about not responding to his texts for a while, and then sleeping with him. Then not contacting him until Wednesday. He might not know if he should contact you. He might even be worried you might be mad at him, if he thinks you believe that he took advantage of you, due to how drunk you were.

    If you like him, then talk to him, and see if he is interested in seeing you again. Maybe the two of you can go out and start dating. As it is now, I don't think either one of you have any idea what the other one wants. You have to start communicating with each other, and figure out where to go from here.

    • So I should ask him if he wants to hang out sometime? Shouldn't I wait for him to ask me? I realized I liked him that night we worked together, something strange happened and I felt like I really wanted to get to know him more than just a friend I guess lol

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    • It was a short convo, I just basically said thanks for not letting me drive home because I was so drunk and that I'm never gonna drink that much again, then I asked him what he's been up to and he said just working and then I quit texting back, I just didn't wanna come on too strong ESP since he never tried to contact me after I felt like I should just briefly say hi basically, I don't want him to think we slept together and now I'm harassing and stalking him lol

    • Well call him up and ask him if he wants to go out on a date. Then you should have your answer and won't have to worry about it. Or if you are too shy, you could text him, and ask him to go on a date.

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  • I personally wouldn't bother seeking a relationship with you if you keep getting drunk. And at work? For real?

    What kind of job is this? Budweiser stocking and supply?


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  • he probably thinks you're easy. I thought you didn't like him anyway.

  • Ummm yeahhh. That was a really stupid decision.

    Not only did you make yourself look incredibly trashy and awful by getting sh*tfaced drunk at work, in front of your colleagues, then you actually slept with him. It just looks really bad. When you give a guy sex too early, it can make you look like you don't have a lot of respect and he may think "Gee, how many other dudes has she done this with?" I've even had a male friend talk about how he didn't trust a girl because she put out so easily.

    Sorry, but you made yourself look like a slut and I don't think you can fix this.

    • Uhmmmm yeah everyone I work with drinks after work we work at a bar and were all friends, so get off your high horse. I didn't know this site was so full of saints, didn't know this was a bible study group, you people need to take that crap somewhere else not everyone feels drinking is such a damn sin...and Imma slut? Ooooo resort to name calling like a child because I asked a simple question...

    • I'm not on a high horse. Don't go getting snippy and defensive with me because I told you something you don't want to here. So because we're not all like 'Yeah, you didn't ruin your chances. We'll just fill your head up with false bs to make you feel better" than we're all saints? Chill the hell out. I didn't say you were a slut; I said you made yourself look like one. And you also make yourself look likea child asking for honest advice then b*tching with weak insults when it's not so nice.