Dating a guy I have known for years, need advice?

OK so I have been seeing this guy that I have been friends with forever. We both just got out of a relationship over a month ago and we have been hanging out for a month. I think he has feelings for me but I'm not sure how deep they are. Also I have kind've hinted around to talk about where it's going and he just keeps saying were just really good friends that are hanging out but then he also says well talk about where this is going after may 24th. How do I get him to just come out and say what it is he's afraid of saying to me and am I looking to much into this because I'm really falling for him and don't know what to do?


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  • I personally think you may be looking into it too much. Sounds more like a rebound relationship and your friend may think that so he is still scarring from the previous one. Give it a few months and see where it may lead. You don't wanna date and then get so far into it and then realize it may just be that loneliness creeping up on you instead of true feelings. :-)


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