Why guys prefer short girls?

i am 5`6 (170cm), once I read my bf`s emails and he wrote to his friend "i met this girl, she is young and petite...

so he into petite girls, but I am tall...why he is with me then?

and why guys like petite girls?

sometimes when I wear heels - I become 175-176 cm -is it already too tall?


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  • When it comes to beauty a lot of guys don't really even know what they want.. they will say they are attracted to one type of girl then date the opposite. It's not all about the physical with guys like many people think it is from what I've seen.


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  • You're over thinking things. Again.

    He likes petite girls. But it's not a must-have in a girl.

    He likes you. Do you really have to tear it all apart by asking why?


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  • Don't worry about it... you're not tall. Everyone below 5'5 is consider short. You're average. Besides, in the end of the day, your boyfriend is the one going home with you.