Guys do you want her to text you?

I've been seeing a guy for two weeks, for the past week he's been texting me daily, and calling sometimes too. we've been on five dates so far. we haven't slept together.

he has a busy job, so sometimes I hear from him later on the day. we are supposed to see each other again Monday. we spoke last night.

if I don't hear from him, should I text him? or should I wait for him? he's contacted me every single day this week, a lot, and we've seen each other twice. yesterday was the last time we saw each other and he said we'll talk (we did that night) and that he'll see me on Monday or "maybe sooner"

i know guys like their space. but if we don't talk, should I text him, or wait?

I'm just so insecure. I'm used to guys who just disappear on me and never come back, and it makes me so insecure. We still haven't spoken today and it is worrying me. Then again I think Fridays are a busy day for him and it's not like we are exclusive, but after talking every day and getting closer this sudden pull away scares me. What do I do? My friends say not to worry yet, we spoke less than 24 hours ago, but still.


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  • Yes. You need to contact him some of the time, or else he will start to worry that you are not interested in talking with him. He shouldn't always be the only one starting the communication. Just don't text him like 50 times before he responds once. ;-)

    • so then what do I say? I feel like he knows I like him already.

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    • Why not now? I think you are just putting it off because you are nervous. It is okay for you to be nervous, but tomorrow you might decide to wait until the next day, and then never do it. It isn't fair to him that he has to be the only one initiating your conversations.

    • he texted me :) I was already sleeping because I crashed early and woke up at 3 ha ha so I texted him then. he's prob still sleeping now though.

  • Text him too, you can always say something like: how are you doing?


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