Did I do the right thing? (guys & girls)

Basically, I met this guy at a Christmas party last year, and we went on one date (I wouldn't have called it a date tbh - it was more like hanging out together), and I made it pretty obvious that I didn't think of him in THAT kind of way. I didn't get in touch with him after this (this happened back in December) because of a combination of me not wanting to give him the wrong idea, and me shortly afterward losing his number (due to a malfunctioning phone). We aren't Facebook friends either.

Anyhow, I saw him recently from far, and I'm pretty sure he spotted me too. Trying to avoid an awkward situation, I pretended not to see him. By the time I had decided that I would say hi (I didn't want it to be awkward in future) he had gone. So I saw him again, in the same place today and decided I would just do it and say hi. It was pretty awkward. He was pretending he hadn't seen me to begin with, but when I made it obvious he'd seen me, he had to stop (he was about to walk right by me). [he was with a girl by the way, but they didn't look like they were together]

So I said hi, how are you etc. and we did the whole I haven't seen you in ages thing. And then I stood up to continue talking and we made some small talk, and then he left. I spotted him a bit later and smiled, (he reciprocated) but I don;t know if I've just made things worse or not?

- what do you think?/ what would you be thinking if you were him?

I just did it because it's quite likely that I'll see him around again - we live in the same area, and I didn't want to do the whole pretending not to see each other thing forever. I wasn't going for the whole "let's be friends" thing, I just wanted it to be OK for us to acknowledge each other


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  • you did the wrong thing, he was going for that feeling but you messed up the vibe, so he felt ashamed to see you or speak to you.

  • I wouldn't be thinking about it if I were him.


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