Girl I like broke up with her boyfriend...But I won't see her till next year

Ill try to explain everything real quick and short.

-I am 19

-She is 18

-Both were Freshman in college (spring semester is over)

-Known her since beginning of the year

-She had a boyfriend when I met her

-We hang out and talk occasionally, I didn't want to get too close while she had a BF

-I feel she may have interest in me but its hard to tell

Basically she just broke up with her boyfriend and its about 3 weeks into the summer for me. I am really into this girl, she's is what I look for in a girlfriend and I've just been sitting back waiting for her to break up...I didn't get myself involved in their relationship.

I have no idea why they broke up, all I know is that she is now single on Facebook. I want to go out with her but school is over and she lives an hour away from me.

What can I do to get her interested in a relationship with me? I can text her and message her on Facebook (would probably prefer to use Facebook since I feel its more casual) but I won't get a chance to see her until the fall semester. I am worried I might be in a situation where I won't get a chance to be with her since she may find someone else.

Should I try to plan a day where our friends and us go to beach or something then maybe we can meet up and see her?

I really don't know what to do, so any advice would be great.


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  • i think you should text her or Facebook message her but don't do both. choose one. if you then feel that she's into you then you could text her or whatever. but I think first see if she's into u. they worst that can happen is she won't reply. nd that's no big deal. if she's not interested then her loss right?! I think you should contact her so in the fall when you do see her it won't be too weird


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