Should I let what people are saying change my way of thought even a little bit?

there's this guy that I go to school with. I think I like him. he's not that cute but he makes me laugh and smile and feel happy all the time when I'm with him. people are saying they don't want me going for him. but these are people that don't hang out with him and don't him that well. but ever since we started hanging out I feel really happy. should I let what people are saying change my way of thought even a little bit. even my best friend is saying stuff like that..

what should I do?



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  • Change your perspective. This doesn't mean change your mind, just change your view. Someone who stands 10 feet higher will see things differently then someone on the ground. This means that your friends are seeing things differently than you are. The real question is, what are they seeing that you aren't. This also means that you are seeing something they aren't. I feel that even if you choose to stay with this guy and see where it takes you, there will probably always be a part that is wondering about the thoughts of your friends. So I'm not going to say ditch this guy and I'm not going to tell you ignore your friends. Talk with your friends, and tell them what you see and let them tell you what they see. Then decide for yourself.


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