A guy suddenly lost his job, how to show him you care without hurting his ego?

If a man at a high level job with a great charisma and high pride was suddenly made redundant due to not himself but the company's issue, after how long seeking for a job could he become desperate? How may he react to this? Say, locking himself in the room, stop socializing? Can asking him out be a positive distraction from his desperation? Or it's better to give him his own space if you are attracted to each other but don't know well about each other yet? I am asking this not because I am rushing to see him but really worried about him and want to be there for him...


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  • I was unemployed briefly last year.

    Based off of this experience, I think it would be nice of you to ask him to hang out.

    It's very easy to start wallowing in your emotions when you're alone.

    However, please keep in mind that he's probably trying to conserve money... so activities like walks in the park, trips to the beach (if it's nearby), would be a nice way of getting him out of the house, but doesn't call as much attention to the state of his finances.

    Don't go overboard though - you know him best - so you know how often you should ask him to go hang out. You don't want to end up pestering.


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