The first date usually ends with a kiss?

The first date usually ends with a kiss.What kind of kiss you like after the first date light, normal or passionate?

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  • This is a stupid thing .. there is no rule for it . Me and my boyfriend kissed after our 12th date or something .. and the type of it totally depends on the person.

    • He could have to kiss you after 45th date. I always kiss the girl after the first date. That is normal, and why not?

    • I didn't say it's wrong .. I just said that it's not a rule that everyone needs to follow.. and if the guy doesn't kiss the girl after the first date , she starts then freaking out and come and post questions on GAG .. It's normal to happen , I have nothing against it , but I just don't like how it became a rule.

    • I agree that it is not the rule. But it's nice to kiss a girl after first date.

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