Guys, how long do you wait to ask for a second date?

*Went on a first date.

*He picked me up, paid, and drove us to see stars after dinner.

*We kissed a couple of times while he had his arms around me.

*He asked if I wanted to go back to his place and see his video collection. I said maybe next time.

*I kissed him again before leaving the car.

*After dropping me off he texted me saying 'he's home,' 'had a good time,' 'see you around,' 'good night'

I texted him back saying I had a great time and good night.

It's been almost 2 days, nothing. What should I do? Thanks guys!

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He also put his right hand on my knee while he dove me home the whole time.
Then again, he knows that I will be leaving town in 4 months so he might not want to pursue anything. What do you guys think?
The texted me! Yay! Thanks guys! You guys are the best :-)


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  • You don't have to out wait him.. It's a silly high school rule that children play. You're a grown woman, just call him up and say "Hey, want to hang out again soon? Maybe the movies this weekend?". You'll get what you want a lot faster if you take action.

    I have never been, and will never be, turned off by a girl who contacts me first. Nor do I think any respectable man would be. The interest is clearly mutual. Your both just being a little insecure (maybe a better word is "cautious") and not contacting first cause you think it somehow ruins your chances.

    I assure you, if he's interested, whether you contact first or not, it's not gonna make a difference. Call him up and put an end to your worrying. You'll see ;)


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  • I'm really sorry, I can't really answer, we don't date in my country. We have a totally different ritual, that doesn't hinge at all on the other asking to meet again or anything like that, so I have absolutely no analogy.

    I have, however, heard it's common for a guy to wait a few days before texting again. Some people even consider it a rule, make them think you're not desperate, or something. I sincerely hope for your sake he ain't one of those guys, hahaha, but either way, it's fairly common practice. 2 days really isn't a long time - I'm getting closer to my cousin at the minute, not like that, christ, just as cousins do, and she gave me her phone number (we didn't grow up together, I only met her recently), and she came over to my house. We were meant to text each other, it's been 3 weeks, hahaha. My life's been so hectic, and I'm guessing hers too. Sometimes, something bigger than another person comes up and you forget about your duties.

    It's possible he won't ask for a second one... Happens, and that. I, personally, wouldn't drive a girl out to see the stars if I didn't wanna see her again, though. If I were you, I'd give him a text, asking HIM for a second date. What harm can that do, hey? Let him know you care to see him, too, which is good. Some people have a superstition about girls asking for dates, don't get caught up in that. It's no thing, even though I don't have first hand experience, I know it's no thing. You don't even have to invite him to dinner or anything, just tell him you wanna see him again.

    • Hey new 'friend'! Thanks for your answer!

    • 'friend'

      that's sinister, man, why is it in parenthesis

      You're welcome though =]

  • its simple if you are into him call him first.don't always wait on the guy to make moves cause then he got all the power,and time to think and when we think a lot of guys don't want to keep going out spending money or commit. women help us get over this hurdle by making the decision for us.

  • Yep, I hear three days is common

    but nothing wrong with you choosing to text/ring him

    congrats, sounds like you had fun

    • Thanks Lupianwolf! I now know what a kiss feels like ;-P

      He knows that I'm leaving this town in August so I'm thinking that he might be trying every trick to have sex with me. That's why I feel that I should wait.

      IF he wants to see me again, he'd contact me right?

      The date was nice but everyone puts their best foot forward. I only met him on April 22.

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    • that's all I need to see. Thanks Lupianwolf for helping me for a while. I really appreciate it!

  • I waited until I got home so I could make a phone call.

    I didn't have my own cell phone in those days.

    • Thanks for your answer!

  • Sweat it out one more day. Some guys follow the three-day-rule.

    • sixstring, thanks! It was actually my first kiss. I enjoyed it so much, lol

    • sixstrings thanks for your answer!

  • Usually I wait 3 days and ask her if she wants to go somewhere again. I do the first 2 dates (if I ask) then she ask to ask for the 3rd...otherwise I'll feel she's playing me.

  • If you're interested.. text him.


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  • Yay for you! Hope it goes in the right direction that you are looking for!

  • Idk there's a bunch of mixed signals here... and a bit of a tough situation since you are moving.. It really depends on if he's a "good" guy- he knows it can't go anywhere.. so if he really likes you he may not want to put himself in a lose lose situation. If he was just trying to get some "booty" and his small attempt was putting his hand on your leg.. and asking you to see his video collection? He did say "see you around" which I think is an odd statement.. normally a guy would say something along the lines of- let's get together again or shoot me a text or something... He did message you when he got home so that is good- but he could just said that to be polite. It's kinda crappy situation to even have- you know your leaving and you kinda like someone- you obviously want to have fun and enjoy life for the next few months. Yet your not gonna want to fall for anyone in the meantime. What do you want to come from this is the question?

    The best way to figure it out is to feel it out.. so I would message him.. I message a guy if I want to talk - no reason to sweat it... On the other hand I think when a guy is really into you he will message you within a day or two.. most guys I have talked to usually keep in contact day after.. I would say message him and see how it goes.. you'll be able to tell from there.

    • Thanks for your answer! You're right about so many points! You've really helped me, thanks!

    • Yay For u! hope it goes in the right direction for you! Best of Luck! ;)

  • i think he's just trying to not seem desperate. wait it out a bit. if its been like a week nd still nothing nd your dying to know what's up...i would do this but if your totally desperate then I would text him a simple hey what's up? what have you been up to knida thing...nd if he answers a one worded response that you can't reply to then forget him.

    • Thanks for your answer! I appreciate it!