Hello everyone, what do you think it means "..." in sms message from a guy that fancies me?

I got this twice from 2 different guys, both were kind of known, and this' ...' was in response to my messages to them, one very hot, the other intriguing but also on a flirting side. I think in both contexts' ...' means that a guy wanted to say more explicit things but was not sure to put them in writing because it can be used against them. I see no other reasons why a guy would get into trouble 3 times tapping a dote, I know how little guys like to type in sms so I am pretty sure it means an invitation to flirt in and more, something like 'with / use your imagination baby'. Please tell me your opinion and experience, and remember it was in a hot, suggestive and flirting context in response to my hot sms.


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  • Nothing. Lots of people do it subconsciously without thinking. Take it from my personal experiences from the past, and don't over analyzing things like that over text, as its so easy to misinterpret things over text than vs a phone when you can hear his tone and what not.


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