First kiss too left a little shocked.


I'll spill the beans on what happened. Basically my boyfriend 15 ( I am 14) cam round my house today. We were sitting on the sofa and we were holding hands but he got up and he slowly dragged me up. He was looking around then slowly stood in front of me and leaned in for a kiss. It only lasted for like 2 seconds or so then he turned away from me and didn't say anything. I was in ultra shock though ahaha (in a good way).

So that was the end of that. I had no time to react :/

We have school on Tuesday it could be a little awkward, I still totally like him, I am not sure where it leaves us though. He didn't say anything after we kissed.

What can I do ?


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  • Make sure you talk to him at school, if you seemingly ignore him things will just get more awkward. If you get a chance alone, you may even want to tell him that you liked it and like him. And definitely don't create a rumor with your friends.

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  • hahahahahaaa how I miss being a kid.

    anyway, just act casual about it, let him come over to you. don't bring it up in conversation with him first, and don't turn it into gossip with your friends or you will freak him out.


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