So if a girl lived in the basment of her house?

And then she asked you to sneak in through her window well (her whole family lives there but they would be asleep) and be with her (maybe just to hang out, not entirely sex)... would you make the effort to drive over to her house, sneak in through her window well into her room, and be with her?

You guys would probably make out and stuff


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  • I really wouldn't care if she was homeless either, if I got on really well with her I'd do whatever it took to just be near her. So yes I'd be willing to go that far.


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  • guys are wiling to do even more complicated things for sex

  • Nah, it ain't worth it. If I'm going to be with her, I'm going to be open about it, not go behind peoples backs

    • what? you wouldn't be going behind people backs. It would e at night while her parents were sleeping so that you guys could do stuff.. you know, because her parents couldn't know about it

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    • Well you aren't gonan TELL her parents when you want to make out and stuff that would be odd

    • Just sayin'

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