Is it creepy that I found him on fb?

I met this guy at a bar. He was super super nice! Turns out he is a friend of a friend... so not just some creeper! He was really nice to me the entire night, saved me from all the creepers by grabbing my hand and spinning me in a circle :). Anywho, I think he may have attempted to give me his number... he gave me a card... and then since I'm super shy I accidentally gave it back to him! yeah, fail. anywho, with a lot of help from my friend I found him on fb... and wrote him... we've chatted a bit, but I can't tell if he's creeped out or not. he says he remembers me and he's been asking me really general q's about school etc. Is that creepy I contacted him? He totally made my night and I would really like to get to know him better! :) Hopefully things work out!


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  • I posted this earlier but, you cannot 'creep' a guy out unless you're a psycho. it sounds like you guys had a good time so if he found you attractive and a generally nice person then he'll probably be down to hang out somewhere else too. at worst he just won't find you attractive and not pursue it, but it's extremely hard to appear creepy to a man.

    that's more of a girl thing :P guys tend to be the creepy ones..

    • hmmm maybe I will ask if he wants to hang out lol. it kind of sounds like he's moving out of town :/ so... likelihood of something working out is quite low. I have fb on my phone so I know when I get notifications. when is too soon to reply? I don't have his number yet! maybe I should ask? maybe not...?

  • No, I just found a girl who is in my orchestra because I thought she had a crush on me. She has a boyfriend and just likes to naturally flirt, but I added her anyway

    • lol I'm glad that's not creepy. Is it weird if I ask he wants to get a drink. Or is it weird if I give him my number? We danced for like 3 hrs... in a totally not creepy way. Just fun, not grinding kind of dancing. I don't know he seems really nice

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    • cant hurt, right?

    • I guess

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