Lesbian etiquette/"Rules"?

Speaking from a straight-girls stand-point, how would or how do you think you should go about, when it comes to dating "etiquette" for a lesbian? Obviously since they are two women involved, who pays for dinner or date? Is it split evenly, half & half. I don't know, I've always been curious. And if you are a lesbian how do you go about it? Do you portray certain so called "mannerisms" like opening the car door or what? I'd imagine it'd be a lot different then a straight couple, but who knows..


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  • Right... I can only answer this from the point of view of a bisexual person, but a presume you are just wanting to know about etiquette when two girls are dating.

    I will just go through some of the most common dating etiquette.

    General appearance - It is always expected that you will look nice on a date... it doesn't mean that you are going to spend hours in front of the mirror... just about taking pride in your appearance. Same deal with hygiene and making sure you smell nice (though with girls don't use really floral scents - it isn't attractive to other females)

    Paying for dates - generally the person who asked pays, or at least that is what is considered polite but it is always good to be prepared to pay for yourself. If it is a date that no-one asked - just mutual agreement - then it's best to split the bill. Same sort of deal with who drives - like if someone is going to pick the other up.

    Really otherwise it is pretty much the same as dating guys...

    The most important thing is to be yourself, to try and talk about things that you are both interested in, and talk to their face, not their genitals or breasts.


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  • Whoever asks the other one out normally pays. This also goes for men and women dating each other. Otherwise us guys would have women asking us out, just to get a free dinner. Guys normally do the asking, so guys normally pay. Still if someone asks you out, always be prepaid to pay for yourself, just in case.

  • I'd love to see these whores try to rationalize getting a free meal with this one. I can see it now...

    "whoever is the dominant/man figure in lesbi-ationship should be a gentlesbian and pay"


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  • Just because lesbian isn't straight, and not the "norm" for most people, does not mean we are all the different. I'm a lesbian and I swear people act like we are from a different universe -.- like when people say "well who is the guy?" The whole point of LESBIAN is TWO GIRLS lol damn. The only thing different in those situations is that people bash us (not all) and assume things. You have lesbians that don't have etiquette and some that do. Just like you have some straight people who do and some that don't.

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