Should I go for the guy ?

My best friend who is a guy had admitted to me that he like me from the first day we met which was three years ago but this just happen this year. yet he hadn't told me anything because of the fact that I was seeing someone. then he was seeing someone, which this had gone on back and forth for awhile. then recently we had to be in a show together and he started liking one of my best friend ( yet I didn't know anything until after this other part happen.) the next weekend, which was after the show we were going to a party and we started to talk and saying that maybe we should go out and or we should stay friends but one thing led to another and we started kissing. and the weekend after that was going to be Valentine's day. which he came to my house and got me a cute teddy bear. the thing I didn't know was he was going to ask here out the next day I had to find out throw a social network :( then we had stop talking for a month. I was just mad at him. but anyways after a month he had called me up and said why hadn't we talk and some other things. then we stared talking again. thing is like 2 week after we had started talking we went to the beach together. like we use to and he would just pick me up and like mess around. like before when he wasn't going out with his girl. yet again we had talk and he told me something that hit me, which was what got to me he said hey you know she might be my girlfriend but you will always be my number one girl. anyways I hadn't yet hung out with them together until this party I had at my house and I saw them kiss. which actually it didn't bother me. the thing is I met one of his friend at the party and I found I that his best friend likes me now! I found this out from his girlfriend mouth aka one of my best friend she like you know he likes you and now she want me to get with him. and his guy from the beginning can't say anything because he has a girl but would it be wrong to get with him or what ( by the way she doesn't know that we use to mess around so he might or might not still have feeling for me and the reason I say that is not to be consider its because I believe that feeling that were there for three years can't disappear that quickly.)


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  • Well, there's no easy answer. But here's some insight from what might be going through his mind:

    1) He's been placed on the Friend Ladder..three years ago.

    2) He thinks of you as one of his closest friend, if not already his best friend.

    3) That a mixed message. He was confused. He probably still is.

    4) He's taken and he'll trying to make that relationship work first. Sorry.

    And how he feels about you dating his best friend? Well first of that's up to you, if you're interested that is. Then ask your best friend if it's a good idea to be dating him.


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