Guys: imagine you're in this guy's shoes. Why would you do this?

Any time this one guy sees me out anywhere, he never says hi to me or talks to me, but texts me after the fact to say hi, then that's it. As in:

Him: "Were you at [insert location]?"

Me: "yup lol"

Him: "I thought I saw you"

Me: "yeah that was me! [insert friendly small talk]"

Him: no response.


Him: "I was going to say hi but [insert excuse]"

Me: "Oh you were at [insert location]? You should have!"

Him: no response.

I got a text from him earlier this week saying...

Him: "Hey what are you up to?"

Me: "Oh just working. You?"

Him: no response.

I found out from a friend he was at the same bar I was at the night beforehand.

This happens at least once a month. Why does he text me only after he sees me? And why text at all if he's not going to respond? I normally take what a guy says and does at face value, but this one is really confusing me : /

Thanks in advance for the help! : )

Oh, I should clarify: we've hung out multiple times and talked before, but I wanted something serious and he didn't, so we went our separate ways...
...(that was like 9 months ago)


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  • Well, I'm the type of guy whose really shy. WIth that being the case, I guess I would do this because I'm too shy to say hello and make conversation with you in person but a lot more comfortable texting you...I guess?

    Even as a shy guy I wouldn't do this. What I can tell you is he is thinking about you. If he wasn't he wouldn't take the time to text you after.

  • He's prob nervous and can't bring himself to talk to you face to face


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