She texted me first?

There's this girl that I've had a crush on for ever, we're pretty good friends and have had coffee together before but every time it's me having to ask and she says yes almost as if it's out of sympathy. I've never tried to make any serious happen between us because she's really hard to read and doesn't really shows she cares about anything. However the other day, out of the blue, she texted me asking if I wanted to meet. I got pretty excited, but does this mean anything or is she just texting me as a friend?


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  • it depends on the context... meet alone? meet to have drinks.. study... meet to shop? they all mean different things

    • Ok well to be specific it's to meet after uni so we can travel home together

    • okays maybe she didn't have anyone to travel with... or she could like you.. either way.. good luck :)

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