Why doesn't he call me back?

Okay, here's the deal. I have be talking to this guy for about a year now and we've been on and off. We both worked in the mall and had exchanged numbers and what not. We talked on the phone for like an hour and that's it. Then, we would txt each other, but when I tried calling him again, he didn't pick up. A couple of days went by, and I called him again... no answer. So I would go into his store and say hi, he'd give me a hug (and boy does he have great hugs, lol). Or, I'd pass his store and waive, he'd waive back, and I'd keep walking. Well, I went passed his store and for the next few times that I did, he wasn't there. I txt him and he never txt me back. So I went shopping in another part of town with my female friend and guys who I saw? It was him, and he was really happy to see me and voluntarily gave me his number as I was about to walk away. I called him that night... no answer. I thought he did it to me all over again. But I went to get food from downstairs and I came back and he had called... and had txt me. I told him to call me back and he did. When we hung up, he txt me telling me that we 'have' to hang out. A few days later, I called him back again, he didn't pick up, no txt, either. I just knew this time around would be better, but I see the same pattern. What's going on with him? Why is he sending me mixed signals? What's his deal?


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  • well he probably doesn't have Verizon wireless as his cellphone provider... lol

    I really don't know what he's doing here... He's not keeping his word and that is not a good thing... A man is only as good as his word! Remember that!

    I would text him again and ask him when it would be a good time to talk and what not. If he ignores that text too then he's probably not interested hun :(

    Hang in there, you're young and beautiful! There will be plenty of other guys who will give treat you the way you deserve! :D

  • I think he's not sure about you. I think there isn't enough attraction, try to play hard to get and tease more. Good luck.


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