Does the speed of reply have anything to do with how much you like her?

Does the speed of reply to like a text or a MSN chat or whatever have anything to do with how much you like a girl

Like do slow replies = he's not that into you


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  • Well it really depends. I talk to my girlfriend throughout the day on text and we only text maybe once every 15-30 min until the evening when we catch up after work/school. I certainly texted her faster when we were 'dating' before I asked her out, but I don't think it shows that I don't care about her. There may be occasions where I am not interested in the conversation so I will text slower and shorter which is a direct sign of my inconsiderate behavior.

    Off the rant, reality is from my perspective, if I like the girl and we are talking I will make sure to respond within a 15 minute window through text. Chat I would probably respond very much faster

    • so what your saying is if he reply quick he wants you if it take him like a good 10 min he does'nt care

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  • Yeah. it generally does, but of course there are exceptions. Like:

    a) he doesn't have that much time.

    b) he's playing hard to get

    c) he's afraid responding quickly will give the wrong impression.

  • It all depends on what you catch us doing at that moment. If it's a really sensitive procedure, then being suddenly interrupted by the bell at Facebook chat is going to be a major irritation. But if he responds to you right away, then it's because he values your company.

    There's an old joke: "If the guy pauses his Halo game because he simply can't respond to your text message fast enough, marry him."

  • You got that right.

    • Damn and I really liked him... Oh well , must find another lol

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