I'm scared, what if I lose him? Please help me!

I met with this guy on the internet, it has been one year since we talk to each other, and now he is about to come to my country. he might come on this week he says.

There's so much fear in my heart, so much pain. I know I'm not the one I showed him. I mean, my eyes color brown, but I'm using green contact lenses and he has always seen me with my lenses, and I didn't tell him that I'm using lenses. I don't know what to do, I guess I will kill myself if he won't like me. I know he will understand that my eyes are not green...

Please guys help me!


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  • Throw yourself at him, and show some braggadocio. Let him know that there's a lot of things you need to get him up to speed on, and apologize for not doing so sooner. If he's willing to make a flight for you, he'll forgive a few minor mistakes. Still, would've been better to be honest upfront. And I don't see why eye color is such a huge issue, unless it's something totally unnatural like cat-yellow. If the rest of your story holds water, he'll take you all the same.

    • I know that he won't forgive me, if he learns that I lied him. :( omg there's only one way ...

    • Nonsense. You've got us...this site. I'll listen to you. Don't talk like a fool. No man's gonna cross an ocean and then ditch the girl because her eyes aren't right. If that's so, he's a total moron and you deserve better than that clown.

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  • your eye color is not the reason he likes you. as long as you didn't lie about a bunch of personal things then I don't see the problem

    • but it changes my look a lot. :(

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  • GIRLY...stop freaking out.Its not that serious.You have been talking go him for a year so I am sure you guys have plenty in common...and its not about eye color.Theres nothing to help you with in this situation,just stop worrying and don't fib about anything else.

    • I'm a liar... and its something serious for him :(

    • Well all you can do is be honest at this time,and as I said,dont lie about anything else.Lying about something as artificial as eye color only causes unnecessary drama for yourself.Do yourself a favor and just be honest from here on out.

  • :/ you gonna kill yourself if he didn't like you? you serious? maybe you won't like him!

    If he didn't like you , well! life goes on, just go on with your life and find a better man.

    Remember that the world is full of men.

    • I feel like I'm already in love with him, I don't care how he looks. I mean I love all the words he says. But I think he cares how people looks. :( I feel depressed so much and can't see the other guys.

    • Everyone cares about looks in a way. To some people it is a deal breaker and to others it's not. You love the words or his personality? Do You know that he is what he tells you?

      Be careful please, I've read that a girl was rapid in Ukraine by 3 guys she met in Facebook, such a terrible story.

      I'm not telling you go meet guys,I'm saying if he rejected you then go on with your life because the world is full of guys and when you move on you will meet a guy better than him.

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