Guys: Why doesn't he answer me?

Guys, when I instant message my boyfriend or text and ask if he wants to hang out, he doesn't answer me, or he waits a long time to answer me.

Sometimes I've assumed he doesn't want to hang out, but he actually does.

This has gone on for years.

When he doesn't want to see me for weeks, it makes me feel so unloved.

Yes, he's been busy, but he's not busy enough to see his friends, and it's not like he's saying he's too busy, he's saying nothing at all, pretending not to be there, repeatedly.

It's a pattern that has gone on for years, but it's really starting to bother me because we're seeing each other less and less.

Is there a reason other than not loving me that could make him do this? Might he be hoping that I break up with him?

Thanks for your help in advance, I really appreciate it.

And is there something that I should say?
He really did just want me to break up with him, I found out recently. I've tried for a long time, but really should have cut my losses. :)


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  • Hmm, well it could be many things. But in my personal experience, it sounds like he is trying to hint at something he doesn't have the balls to tell you. He has time for his friends, but not for you. And let me guess, when you two do see each other, you have sex. Sounds to me that he says he lvoes you to keep you around, but would rather spend his free time with his friends, and use you whenever he wants to get laid. I would break up with him, even if what I tihnk isn't the case, busy or not, he has time to respond to you. The fact that he isn't proves he doesn't care about you more than the physical sense. I'm sorry

    • Thanks, actually we broke it off recently, and this is pretty much the truth. It's pretty clear now to me that he deliberately doesn't want me around, but has kept me around pretty much so other guys can't have me. It's such a relief to be without this dead-weight boyfriend.

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  • Well nobody can really say exactly what he's thinking because we aren't him. But it sounds like he's becoming less interested. Relationships are a 2 way street, and if he can't make time for you, or he treats you this way, I'd say leave his ass.


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