What should this mean, what should I do??

( I like this guy Michael he is also in a grade higher)This guy Michael and like back in November I started saying hi to him but at that time I had no clue who he was but then he was talking to one of my present teachers and then I figured out that his name was Michael so I would always say "Hey michael, what's up" or whatever and you know he said hi and stuff and I practically did this everyday. Then like maybe two weeks along he starts like avoiding me so I stopped cause I didn't want to you know make him annoyed so I stopped. Then I forgot about him for a while, well apart of me did cause every time we would pass each other we would stare until we couldn't see each other anymore, like our eyes were locked. And then I started telling my best friends about it then it stopped(which was extremely odd) and then about a month later it was/is going on and now I really like this guy but I don't know what to do how to talk to him I'm just so clueless and yea... So I NEED your help what does this mean what should I do. Should I approach him and say something or what. So message me some help and I bet I can probably help you too. :/


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  • Go ahead and approach him don't stay with doubt.