Why nightclubs are a not a good place to meet women?

because nightclub aren't a good idea to meet girls

because guys get rejected by women all the time at nightclubs

i do get rejected at times at that makes me mad and feeling upset

i need some help with that I hate to be rejected


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  • Well gee, you guys sure do sound bitter as hell.

    One of the most amazing connections I've ever had was with a guy in a nightclub. So if you're really that awesome of a person with awesome dating skills, then stepping place in a nightclub is not going to hurt your dating possibilities.

    Don't worry about being rejected. Sometimes, it really isn't you; it's the girl. I've been in a nightclub before and rejected a guy because...

    - I genuinely just wanted to be there with my friends, dance, and have a good time and not worry about the pressure of a guy trying to get me to be into him romantically

    - I wasn't over a guy and I kept comparing other guys to him then getting disappointed so I just didn't want any other guy around me romantically. Especially because he was a break dancer and we used to go out dancing to that club all the time.

    - The guy was just too touchy feely for me and it turned me off. But I'm a different kinda girl I guess because I really can't stand it when guys want to touch all over me in the club. If I move their hands and they keep trying, it pisses me off and I walk away. But I know a lot of girls aren't like that.

    - I was meeting someone there kinda like a date and it would have been disrespectful and awful for me to be dancing with another guy when he finds me.

    - I saw the guy do something with someone else that turned me off. Maybe he was a blatant a**hole, maybe he was trying to molest a girl on the dance floor, maybe he was making out with some other girl then trying to dance with me. Maybe he was drunk and making an ass out of himself. Whatever it was, it made me not want to dance with him or get romantic with him.

    - I really just didn't feel like having some sweaty guy all over me and I just wanted to dance by myself and enjoy myself in the company of my own friends

    There are so many reasons why a girl may not want to dance with you in the club. Don't take it personally and think there's something wrong with you. Don't feel upset. Most of the girls who go to the club are 1. whores 2. seriously insecure and just trying to get some male attention 3. Not quite girlfriend material so it's not like you're missing out on something amazing every time a girl in the club doesn't want to dance with you. Cheer up :)


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  • its eay to get a girl to sleep with there , but what kind of woman you want ?

    u are going to meet a woamn for marrige in nightclub?

    its not impossible, as long as you are rich enough :)

    • I disagree. Going to a nightclub doesn't mean you're not marriage material.

    • then try it !

      good for you !

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  • Nightclubs are a great place to meet skanks who want you to buy them drinks, in exchange for that sometimes you get laid

  • Nightclubs. Loud music so you can't talk. Girls just wanting free drinks, and people fighting over nothing because they're drunk...