Flirting/Dating Myths: Guys, true or not?

1) Is it true that when you like a girl, you will ALWAYS text her first and you will text her all the time? Or do you sometimes wait for the girl to text you before you'll text her?

2) If you like a girl do you take her out on a date from the get-go? Or do you usually start off just hanging out for a long time and messing around then taking her out for real?

3) Do you ALWAYS pay for the first few dates? When do you stop?

4) Do you really not Facebook stalk the girls you like? Or do you? Do you get jealous when you see another guy in pictures with her or posting on her wall?

5) Do you usually try to play it cool like you're not really THAT invested in the girl just to keep from getting hurt or do you really just not care?


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  • 1. False, Some guys are really shy, and will not text first.

    2. Depends on how shy the guy is. Shyer guys will try to get to know the girl first, as they build up the courage to ask her out. Guys with more confidence may ask a girl out from the get go.

    3. Whoever asks the other person out should pay. If I ask her out for the first 3 dates, I will pay for all 3. If she invites me out for the 4th, then she should pay for the 4th. There is no set number of dates, any one needs to pay for. Once in a relationship the lines will start to blur on who has been paying for what.

    4. I do not Facebook stalk. If I am going to stalk I will do it the old fashioned way. :-P It is normal to get a little jealous from time to time, but it shouldn't cause any issues, unless there is a story behind those pictures that would give us cause to be jealous.

    5. Guys often say "I don't care." whenever something emotional comes up that the guy is not comfortable dealing with. We also tend to have problems dealing with our emotional trauma, so quite often we ignore our pain, instead of getting the help we need. By ignoring the pain, women often mistake us as not hurting as bad as we normally are.


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  • 1. False. Most guys are not texters so many times we'll let the girl take the lead. We also don't wnt to seem clinging so sometimes we'll we'll wait for her to text first.

    2. Depends. If she is more of a friend or someone that I already sort of know, we'll prob just hang out, maybe even with some mutual friends, then we'll start branching out and getting a bit more intimate and doing things on our own. If she is a stranger that I just met, most likely I'll ask her out to dinner or something right away as our first hang out.

    3. Yes. Almost never stops. It just feels awkward to me to have a girl pay for me, or even just for herself when we're out together. On slim occasions though I'll let her pay if she insists that she's taking me out that night. Usually this occurs after we have made things official and are BF/GF.

    4. I don't really FB stalk people in the sense that I'm on there constantly. I'll check there page every once in a blue moon, especially if I notice something new like a few pictures. Quite honestly, yeah I can get a bit jealous if I see another guy pop up in her wall or in a picture with her.

    5. I do try and play cool but not because I'm afraid of getting hurt, because I'm afraid of looking clinging and pushing the girl away.

  • 1. False.. Guys like and sometimes wait for the girl to text first in order to see if she likes him

    2. I tend to ask to hang out first. I don't know what you mean by messing around but I hang out first then ill ask for a date

    3. This is one a lot of girls ask. The best way is the simplest.. Who ever asks pays. The guy will offer to pay almost always but if you asked him out expect to pay. how would you feel if he asked you out and when you got there he asked you to pay.

    4 everyone does. Little. And yes

    5. Yes acting cool is kinda the way I tend to

  • 1. Not true. If it feels to me like I'm always texting her first, then I'll stop. If she can't be bothered to text me without me texting her first, then she's obviously not very interested and I'm wasting my time.

    2. Depends, if we have mutual friends and I already know her to some extent, but not very well, I'll probably try to hang out with her first to gauge compatibility before I start ruining things with dates, since we'll probably have to see each other around. If I don't know her at all or we don't have mutual friends, then I'll probably just ask her out.

    3. I always pay for dates. Exception: when she offers to pay for herself. I'll politely indicate that it isn't necessary, but if she insists, I'm not going to refuse her.

    4. If we're dating (even casually), then yes. I'm the jealous type, and if she's going out with other guys, I'm not going to be happy about it.

    5. I probably care more than I let on.

  • 1) Myth.

    2) Depends on the girl.

    3) Never. She pays her own way. Blame the feminists.

    4) I really don't. Facebook stalking is for losers.

    5) I really don't care.

  • 1. False

    2. Depends on the guy.

    3. Depends on the guy.

    4. Depends on the guy.

    5. Depends on the guy.

  • 1. No

    2. It varies

    3. Yes

    4. I don't use Facebook

    5. You got that right

  • 1. NO. Texting first all the time is a nuisance and shows she is not into you as much as you are into her.

    2. No, hanging out but no sex. If I have sex before dating, she'll just become my bootycall. I don't do dates nor do I pay for a girl as most come to expect, what a joke.

    3. Like I said, f*** no. Women pushing for equality yet expecting gender inequalities that benefit them = hilarious

    4. I don't use Facebook.

    5. Keep from making a fool of myself.


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