Should a girl ask a guy on a date?

Should a girl ask a guy on a date if they have known this guy for years?

If a girl asked a guy (brothers friend) on a date would she look desperate and needy, even know she has known him awhile.


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  • It's always flattering when a girl asks me out, I never minded it one bit and I doubt any other guy would either. I've never thought it made any girl seem desperate or needy, I don't think it ever crosses a guy's mind, we don't psychoanalyze that shit we just think it's cool when girls are into us.

    You should also know that the whole friend/more than friend thing is a lot different for guys than girls. What I mean is, once girls find out a long time guy friend likes them (and they don't like them back) girls get a little cautious and act a little different, because guys get weird about that shit sometimes. When a guy has a long time friend that's a girl, and that girl tells him she likes him, even if he doesn't like her that way we don't really care that much. It's not a big deal to us, we don't have anything to worry about, and it generally causes no problems, unless you totally annoy us about it.

    Just be easy going about it, because if he likes you it works out, and if he doesn't want to go with you things will just stay the same.


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  • I wouldn't think to have a problem with it. If the girl came to me first I do not think I would mind, I would be more shocked then worried.

    Go For it!

    God Luck!!

  • If you are comfortable with it yes, and if you want to see if there is more to your relationship yes. If you are afraid to loose him as a friend if things do not work out then no.


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