How to respond to this text?

So I have been out with this guy a few times. We had this joke that I was dreaming about him. Then he asks me in a text message what these dreams are about. How should I respond. I don't want to be too dirty/forward, I just want something maybe a little mysterious/cheeky to say. Thanks for your help!


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  • You can take it any direction you like... dirty flirty, or funny.

    You could start with something like... "Oh, I don't know. I don't think I should share..." which could start the texting down a path where you confess some type of naughty dream.

    Or you could try, "If you play your cards right I'm sure you could tease it out of me..."

    Or, "Shhhhh... It's a secret."

    Or, "Well... do you know what a rusty trombone is? JJ"

    Or, "I would tell you except I'd like to see you again sometime."

    Or, "My priest has sworn me to secrecy..."



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