He seems interested, but not at the same time?

Met this guys 3 weeks ago and we switched contact details. Went for one serious date which was great (both texted afterward that we were looking forward to hang out again). Since we’ve met once, by coincidence in a bar, and I slept at his place this night (no sex). The day after he said he really likes me and wanted to hang out that week. We decided to do a movie night, which I ended up canceling. Since, I have taken the initiative 2-3 times to show him that I am interested. Due to both of us being busy we haven’t been able to hang tho. When I have been texting, he always replies and suggests dates for meeting. Last text I sent I said something along the lines of “let me know when you are bk in town if you want to hang out”. I haven’t heard from him since. If he wasn’t interested at all, why would he reply to my texts, or even suggest dates for hanging out? On the other hand, why doesn’t he text? Should I just move on from this one?


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  • I think he either felt that you haave been leading him on all that time or that you are uninterested in him but just being polite. You have cancelled multiple dates before so it seems like you aren't that interested in him. I understand that you were busy but sensitive guys don't buy that which I think he is.

    I think you shouldn't say sorry or anything because you haven't did anything wrong to be honest. I believe you should send a sweet message as a last chance to him to respond. If he didn't, then he is going to cause more drama than happiness so you need to move on. If he replies, try to make it to the date this time and try to talk through your busy schedules.

    Life is too short to be unhappy for too long. If he's going to drive you nuts, then he isn't worth it. :)