Does this sound desperate?

I'm not sure if I'm in a relationship with this guy. We hold hands, hug, and he kisses me on the cheek. He usually texts me right when he gets on the bus. On Friday he didn't and he didn't text me this weekend. Would I be desperate if I texted him asking what's going on or if I asked him to text me before we got on the bus?


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  • No, you would not, and yes I'd say you're in a relationship though neither of you have called it that. And texting him and finding out he's told his friends that you're desperate would be a good sign of his Character whether he really cares or not. I doubt he would though, so yes do it.

    • I'm in school right now and I usually see him in the halls and we walk together after 7th period. I want to ask him if he thinks we're in a relationship. I've asked him before and he says yea but right now he hasn't been texting me and he seemed distant 2nd period (he was tired but still). What should I do?

    • Don't do what you're doing now. Overthinking it. Talk to him in person and ask why.

    • I'm texting this girl who me and him are friends with. She saw him this morning in the cafe. I asked her if he was talking about other girls and she said yeah ill tell you later. I asked if he's dating anyone and she said no. Does that mean he doesn't think we're going out or he doesn't like me? I need to ask him!

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