I feel so vulnerable and emotionally naked around him now.

I've been "seeing this guy" who's also a FWB's. Well, he invited me over to sleep over for the weekend and was super sweet, kind, made me supper, bought me something to eat, and spontaneously grabbed my hand in public. This guy said he cared for me and seemed interested in hearing me pour my heart when drunk. I feel so vulnerable and emotionally naked around him now. I get this sense if he said one spiteful thing to me, I would breakdown and wanna hurt myself. He isn't my therapist, but I feel so more compelled to open my heart to him, but at the same time, I strongly fear being scarred by another man. I find it kinda has f***ed with my head this guy has been so nice to me and says he's not this way because we are having sex. He says he really likes me, " I make his heart flutter" etc. I feel so troubled with the way I'm feeling now since we have hooked up.


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  • Eh.

    I've had FWB who were the best "boyfriends" I've ever had -- they were considerate, cuddly, caring, kind, affectionate. They took me places, went out with friends, met the family ...

    But they didn't stop sleeping with other girls.

    All you can do is tell him that you have strong feelings for him and can't handle the casual thing anymore. He'll either say he wants to try dating or he won't. If he doesn't, dont' try to talk your way back into pretending you don't care for him in order to keep him. It'll hurt worse the longer you carry on.