Why is he treating me like this?

okay, so this guy and I had been best friends since we were like 13, and he had always had a major crush on me. I knew it, but I never saw him as more than a friend. a few years ago we were talking & we were both flirting with each other. he then said something about me never wanting to date him & I said "how do you know? you've never asked." he did, & I said yes. about a week later we broke up. I just felt super weird about it. since then, our relationship hasn't been the best. but lately, I have been getting some serious feelings for him. I honestly think I am in love with him. he is the only person that has ever made me feel beautiful, the only person to ever make me feel loved. I think about him constantly. what sucks is he hasn't even talked to me lately :/ he has a new girlfriend & won't even answer my texts. he's nice to me at school, for the few seconds I see him, but won't really talk to me about anything. I want to tell him I'm in love with him, but I feel like he hates me right now. I honestly just don't know what I'm supposed to do without sounding desperate, which I'm sure is the way I'm coming across. please, just help me :/ why is he doing this? by the way, we're both 18 now.

I should also probably mention the fact that we have.. hooked up in the past. I don't know if that changes anything, but yeah.


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  • He's put up an appropriate boundary between you and his current girlfriend. Telling him that you love him will probably ensure that you'll never have a relationship with him.

    You'll just have to wait it out, until he and his girlfriend break up.

    Then, by all means, tell him. He'll appreviate your respect for his boundaries.

    Until then,it's hands off.


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  • Hes your friend first

    Walk upto him, grab him and take him to a corner and slap him for ignoring then kiss him real hard and express your feelings ... He loves you too but he's hurt and ignoring you


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  • he has a new girlfriend now, move on..

    • yeah, easier said than done.

    • do you think you would be in love with him if he didn't have a girlfriend and was available? if he is happy with his girlfriend, let him be, you will destroy your friendship if he doesn't feel the same back

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