Why do guys always do this??

Its like they want to make sure you never forget what could have been and what may have happened... So the thing is we kind of had something(my high school crush about a year or two ago)...signs like you won't believe. And if I list them I would probably get comments saying why aren't you two together. Now he's in college about 5 hours away from our home town. I'm still in our home town. The last time we talked was on the phone in March for his birthday and I enjoyed it really I did. Now ever since then I basically have said enough is enough. Its like he toys with my emotions and he wants to make sure I never forget what we may have had and all the times we had fun together. So since then I haven't though about him, talked to him or anything. Now just 2 days ago after talking for about 3 hours to this family friend I'm starting to develop some feelings for I get a text at 4 in the morning from my high school crush. Its like whenever I'm doing fine he just shows up out of if I can't have you,nobody can...so my question is why do guys do that?


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  • I wonder the same thing... my first boyfriend just starting showing up in places I would even dream of expecting him (even in my dreams) and the thing is... it was after we had broken up... and as we spoke.. all the emotions keep swarming back :/

    The most I could tell you to do.. is meet new people.. get a hobby or something to occupy your time. Also be slow to reply to messages and its okay to miss a few calls... Just until your head is cleared... And as for your question... I don't know and I don't think they intentionally do it..


    • I work and go to school that's basically all my time...I didn't reply it was 4 in the morning and to me an inappropriate time to be texting. And just like you all the emotions kind of came back and everything he ever said to me but I got upset its not the first time he does this. And yeah your right. thanks for the advice

    • ^.^ glad to help && no problem :D

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