Do I need a girlfriend?

I've never had one, never even been kissed in fact. But it hasn't bothered me. I've been doing my own things and have been really happy with myself. The reason I'm asking this is because I was talking to someone and they were surprised I've never had one at my age (23) and said that at the very least, I should be "practicing".

I've asked out a couple girls in my life, but they never seemed interested in anything beyond friendship. To be honest, there's probably only one or two girls I've really actually liked in my life.

So, in other words, should I ask girls out for the sake of it just so I get the practice?


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  • Lol nah.

    Do it when your honestly ready.

    I haven't had a boyfriend yet, and I haven't the slightest clue how to be a girlfriend. But apparently me being oblivious and just being myself is really appealing to most the guys I meet.

    Guess that's all there is to it. Just be you - and you don't really need any practice being you lol, you've been training for being you all 23 years of your life lol.

    Practicing? Since when was being a quality boyfriend / girlfriend a skill?

    From what I've noticed, the " standards " set for boyfriend / gf's f*** sh*t up. All these random ass rules and regulations blind side both people, and then they're huffin and puffin at each other instead of enjoying each others' company. You know - sh*t like the man has to always be chivalrous, the girl has to be at his side 24 - 7 sh*t like that.

    Very immature conditions for partners I would say.

    So no. You don't need any practice. You just need to continue to focus on you, keep your life together, and let whatever girl who clicks with you on that healthy romantic level to just come when she does.

    Your not missing out on sh*t lol

    Dating young people today SUCKS.

    People's priorities are all over the flippin place, people don't know what they want, who they want, hell - who the hell they even want to be. Then have the nerve to rush into a relationship and dictate how their partner should act.

    The f***? lol

    Yea, just keep doing you. Love will happen. It just happens. No need to rush it, no need to push it, lol you don't really have to practice for it - just the basic things like being respectful and adaptable - which anyone with half a brain should be able to do.

    Good luck to ya. :)


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  • NO! just wait for the right girl. you sound like a decent guy, who knows deep down that that isn't the answer. Also you're at an age now where girls are starting to realize which guys are going to hurt them and which guys they can trust. Which will work out perfectly for you! As they'll go for guys who haven't slept around, and who aren't 'players'.

    • not sure if what you're saying is true because I've seen plenty of girls in their 20s who still opt for players over the other guys.

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    • Well, I mean to me it seems like girls would like to pick the nice guy. They say that and they mean that and they want that. But even though that's what they want and should do, they still end up choosing the player when it comes down to it. Maybe it's not logical, it's just primal.

    • Maybe you aren't going for the right kind of girl then. With my last boyfriend (ill call him Tim), I had the choice between him and a typical player. So I chose my Tim, because he was so lovely, really shy and just the nicest person ever! So keep being you, and be nice and genuine. You can never compliment a girl enough. But don't let her walk all over you! Because we will, if you allow it.

  • i wouldn't say so, there is a difference between want and need

  • If you're OK with it, then nothing else matters!


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  • All these girls are so full of sh*t. Better get your noodle wet as much as you can now because once you settle down with a girl... game over. They tell you that practice isn't needed, but again, they are wrong. What if you hook up with a girl and you last less than one minute? What do you think she'll think? Do you honestly think she'll still stick around after that?

    • right, but the problem is that if I have to think that I "need" a girlfriend, then I try too hard. So maybe I need to trick myself into thinking I don't need one?