How to ask out a girl, that I know likes me, and I like her too, yet we both know.......?

I have a crush, on this girl, who also has a crush on me. I wrote her somewhat of a love letter, stating how I feel about her, in a simple & loving fashion.

But, I have not talked to her in a day or so, or rather since I sent the message.

(How I know she likes me?) We often talked about sex, exchanged naked pictures, talked about business money, just about everything you could think of under the sun,

Even if she is not looking for a relationship, I would still like to be with her.

I didn't think I'd meet her expectations quite(She comes from a rich family, and wants to eventually be with someone who can fulfill whatever her desire is, a psuedo-goldigger), so I waited a year until my business was in full motion before coming on to her fully the other day.

summary: I am pretty much wondering what the next move I should make should be. I told her I would like to take her out sometime, but she already knows that.. I just wish she would respond in the same fashion, saying she thinks that I'm handsome and would like to be with me also, because she says that I am handsome, a lot, and more(she came on to me first...

I'm really unsure what I'm supposed to do at this point, its like weird

unsure what to do at this point or to just let it be and let her figure it out?


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  • Just ask her straight up if she wants to go out with you

    • she probably does but doesn't its weird as hell. its like ill ask and she'll say yes but we won't get around to it...due to distance, and our schedules :X

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