Guys, how soon after a break-up until you consider dating a girl again?

Like not just fooling around or casual, like dating a girl you could see as becoming your girlfriend?

And if you knew a girl that you had always considered attractive and fun, when you were in a relationship, that was dating material, and after your break-up you found out there was a mutual interest, would that change anything?

Would you jump into things right away?

Or maybe increase how much you hang out with her, but not make any major moves fast?

Does it matter if you were the dumper or the dumpee? How much?


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  • For me, it depends on how long I was in the last relationship. The longer the relationship lasted, the more time I need before I feel ready to date again. And of course it also depends on who I meet. I would not jump into a serious relationship right away, and it wouldn't matter to me who ended the last relationship.


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