Dating a guy that says his mother gets on his nerves...

I have been dating this guy for about a month now and I recently asked him about his relationship with his mother. He tells me that 'she is I the way' because she cleans and takes care of the house while he's trying to relax. His asked his mother to move in with him because he is in the military and needs someone to help take care of his child (he's a single dad). I hear stories all the time saying you can tell how a man treats his wife the way he treats his mother, that's why I asked.

Should I be concerned about this? He didn't say he hated her...just that she's in the way and gets on his nerves sometimes.


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  • I love my mom to death but she annoys me and gets in the way sometimes haha. Mothers have a tendany to do that. It depends how he said it. If he sai it with real disgust and annoyance, maybe you should think about how this guy would treat women in general. If he said it just because it happens sometimes, that's fine. That said, he asked his mom to move in with him and help. He needs to suck it up and show some respec or man up and learn to take care of his own life.

    • Amen to that! He didn't say it with disgust but I was thinking the same thing you said, he asked her to come and he needs to suck it up.

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  • Like animalwithin said, it depends on how he said it and meant it. But he also is a single dad, so how did he treat her in their relationship? (Keep in mind people sometimes try and put more blame on the ex when it was equally their fault). You can tell how he will treat you by how he treats other women.