What do girls want to know?

I am new to online dating and I have written very little about myself on my page. What do girls want to know about a guy when they look at an online dating page? I have basically said that I'm a college student and that I'm looking to meet someone. Any advice on what girls want to see on a dating site that will make them more interested in a guy would be great.


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  • As a person who has done online dating once (and found success after searching through dozens of emails a day... seriously!), I think I can have an opinion in this! Let us feel like we are in on some little secret of yours that makes you seem down to earth-such as a quirky hobby. GRAMMAR IS A MUST! I can't tell you how many times I will ignore people who cannot have the common decency to attempt to appear civilized... Pet peeve? Maybe

    Saying what you want out of life could help but don't make it "Oh, I want to have a wife and lots of kids! And a big house-" Maybe more you enjoy helping others and want that to be part of your future. You want to leave enough to give a girl something she can ask about when you send her a message but not too much that she feels like she read your whole life story!

    • What about if you mention video games? I'm not overly obsessed with video games but I do play them. Is it a turn off to talk about that or should someone talk more about how they play sports and lift weights?

    • You should mention it because there are those gamer girls out there (I'm one of 'em!) There's no sense in trying to hide it if it's important in your life but don't go overboard. Feel free to talk about both if that is you!

    • Well thank you for the great advice!

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  • the buss psychological study showed that males who display signs of financial prospects and ambition are more attractive to females


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